Describing How to Combine PST Folder in Outlook

Combining multiple PST files able to manage multiple PST files easily

Outlook management is very much difficult especially when the user wants to manage PST files which contain all the data which is the collection of all the emails, contacts, event invitation and a complete schedule of the user of daily routine as well. As there are lots of features which user used to manage their personal and professional life as well. So, it is very much important for the user to manage these crucial files .

Many of the Outlook users want to merge their PST files in Outlook as the latest version of Outlook 2010 is able to support very large size PST files of near about 50 GB. Everyone know that if the size of the PST files in outlook increases more than the recommended size by Microsoft then the chance of getting PST files corrupted are more and due to this many of the user split their PST files but Outlook 2010 supports large size PST files. So, all the Outlook users eager to merge PST files in Outlook 2010 and in this way the process of managing PST files in Outlook will be easy and user can also use or access their data in a single PST file and Profile as well.

User find is easy to archive the data from Outlook PST files, when they find that the size is about to reach 2 GB or when the size is too large to manage. Also, it becomes a regular practice of users to archive the PST files whenever they find any issue with size of PST files. This is due to the merge Outlook archive files. So any PST files with multiple archive file resultantly declines the program or system performance as well. Thus, how to merge Outlook archive files query arises. A solution to this is merge outlook archive files software, which is a safe and secure way-out to your problem.

How to Combine PST Folders in Outlook!!

A fact which many users need to know so as to make their Outlook much smooth in performance and also make data management, searching and other activities quick. Following are the steps to describing how PST merge can merge Outlook archive file together:

  • Download and Run the Software
  • Select PST files to combine
    • Click on ADD File or ADD Folder to open PST file

  • Select any one option to merge PST file
    • Join
    • Merge
    • Merge Contact
  • Two advance options are there select Out of them if required
    • Remove Duplicate: Remove duplicates in merging PST Files process
    • Excluded deleted Items: Allows to include and Exclude deleted items in merge PST file process.

  • Click on Browse button to select the location to save merged PST file. After that click on "Merge PST file" to proceed merging process.

  • One can see the status of merging process.
    • The software shows two types of status
    • Current status: Allow to show you current status of merge PST file
    • Overall status : Allow to see the overall status of merge PST file

What benefits you may bag in by opting software to know how to combine PST folders into one file:

  • Software can browse multiple file all of variable size while combine PST files in Outlook
  • Contacts, calendars, inboxes, journal every folder will get merge into common folder
  • An easy and instant way to backup all the contacts in all PST files completely
  • Software does not make changes in original data but create original for all data in PST files
  • Save the file to desirable location while combine PST folders in Outlook
  • Software require less time and negligible efforts to combine PST folders in Outlook

Know How to Combine PST Folders– Download Free!

The solution is third party tool which can easily merge PST files of all versions of Outlook and can run in all windows operating system but it is very much hard to find such software. So, we developed such needy thing and available online so that everyone can combine PST files of all versions of Outlook but our software comes in two variants the first one is 32 Bit version and the second one is 64 Bit version both are enable to merge PST files in Outlook 2010 but in respective versions.

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